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Toxic Kaadhal – Rom-Com | Tamil Short Film 2021 | Tamil ShortCut | SillyMonks

Movie Description:
Toxic Kadhal is about an awkward and mysterious first date between Arvind and Ashwitha! Aswitha, a young beautiful girl, is all dressed up and waiting for her date, Arvind. But Arvind shows up to the date with a strange friend of his, Vijay Sethupathi! Why is he there? Is he just an awkward third wheel? Or is there an unusual story behind Arvind? Watch this quirkily entertaining short film to find out.

Cast & Crew:
Ajmal Ishak
Hema Gorle
Kirubaahgara Prabu

Written-Produced-Directed: Mohammad Akram
Editor-Colorist: Mohammad Akram
Cinematography: Rif
Assistant Producer: Arivazghagann Abel
Co-Producer: KB Rohith
Executive Producer: Ajmal Ishak-Hema Gorle

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