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Sub-Inspector Subburaj, who is on night rounds in his C3 Station limits, is lured into a trap and burnt to death by a group of henchmen. Despite being burnt inside his station, he stumbles across a small bridge and dies inside C4 Station’s limit. This causes tension to the planner of the attack.

Sethupathi (Vijay Sethupathi) is the police inspector of C4 Station in Madurai who is awaiting his confirmed promotion to ACP. Subburaj’s case is given to him. Sethupathi finds out that an influential don and politician, Vaathiyar (Vela Ramamoorthy) of Melur, is behind the murder. Kanagavel is married to Vaathiyar’s daughter, but the marriage is unhappy. Therefore, Vaathiyar had decided to kill Kanagavel. Kanagavel was off-duty due to minor injury on the day he was supposed to be murdered, and Subburaj, who was attached as Crime SI in the same police station, was filling in for him. Sethupathi arrests Vaathiyar during a temple festival and forces him to travel to Chennai to apply for bail, earning his enmity.

Later, Sethupathi interrogates two adolescent schoolboys who had sold a stolen chain that was lost in a chain-snatching attempt. When they do not speak up, Sethupathi threatens to shoot them on the count of five, albeit using a non-locked gun. At the fifth count, he accidentally shoots one of the boys in the neck when the other tries to flee, leaving him critically injured. Sethupathi is charged with attempt-to-murder and is suspended. However, he had no intention of shooting either of the boys and realized someone had unlocked his gun, which he had thought was locked. He soon finds out that Kanagavel is responsible for unlocking his gun. Kanagavel covertly bribed constable Muruganandham in C4 Station to unlock the gun and replace the bullets with dummy ones, so that Sethupathi will be defenseless when attacked by Vaathiyar’s men. Kanagavel assumed that if an inspector (who is investigating the brutal murder of a sub-inspector) is attacked, the department would retaliate harshly to either kill or to put Vaathiyar in jail for life, so Kanagavel will be not be separated from his daughter.

Sethupathi and Muruganandham appear before an inquiry of three officials to prove the former’s innocence. However, one of the members of the inquiry panel is an ally of Vaathiyar and she tries to influence the panel against Sethupathi. Muruganandham’s daughter is kidnapped minutes before the inquiry, and he turns against Sethupathi. The same evening, the City Police Commissioner and Regional Civil Commissioner visit Muruganandham’s home and discover all the truths. Since these two officers are on the committee, Sethupathi’s job is saved. However, Sethupathi’s troubles are still not over; Vaathiyar burns Kanagavel alive and start targeting Sethupathi and his family. Sethupathi overcomes all the hurdles put by Vaathiyar and his henchmen. Vaathiyar then decides to silence Sethupathi once and for all by sending his henchmen to kill Sethupathi’s wife Malarvizhi (Remya Nambeesan) and two children, but Sethupathi’s son, who is aware of the police work, wields Sethupathi’s armed revolver to ward them off. Infuriated with the failed attempt, Vaathiyar instructs his men to kill the schoolboy injured by Sethupathi and puts the blame on him. However, Sethupathi, aware of Vaathiyar’s plan, guards the hospital where the boy is admitted and saves him from Vaathiyar’s henchmen.

With Sethupathi returning to work, Vaathiyar’s henchmen accept defeat and warn Vaathiyar to leave Madurai for good, but he does not take heed. The next day, Sethupathi kills Vaathiyar by setting his house on fire and closes his case.

Directed by S. U. Arun Kumar
Produced by Shan Sutharsan
Written by S. U. Arun Kumar
Starring Vijay Sethupathi
Remya Nambeesan
Music by Nivas K. Prasanna
Cinematography Dinesh Krishnan
Edited by A. Sreekar Prasad
Vansan Movies


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