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This Barbie story in tamil is a tamil doll story for children where we are playing with Barbie girl in tamil. In this Barbie story in tamil Barbie’s little daughter found a puppy on her way to home from the school.
As there was no one there she took the puppy home. She hid the puppy below her cot in the room.
But her mom realized that something is wrong with Abi. Barbie asked Abi is there anything she want to tell her. Abi showed the puppy and told her that she want to keep the puppy with her. Barbie told that the person who is taking care of puppy will be worried so that they should return the puppy to them.
Atlast they handed the puppy to its owner.
This Barbie girl in tamil is a tamil doll story for childrens where kids can learn along with tamil Barbie doll.
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